Marine & Cargo Surveyors
We offer a reaction capacity that allows for an immediate intervention in any place, we are able to report issues in Spanish and English to keep the client permanently informed, and we can also gather fundamental documents in order to guarantee the recovery.
Our team’s high qualifications in transport support us. The company’s activity is consolidated by years of experience in managing casualties all over the world, with maximum efficacy guaranteed by our global network.
Whenever an intervention order comes through, Advance Survey Group issues a proof of delivery indicating the reference number for the process underway. In the following 24/48 hours, the first report containing the inspection result is sent out. This information is provided to the client by e-mail, which may be supported –if necessary– by documentation and/or photographic evidence. If all required documents and elements are supplied to us, the process can be fulfilled in the following 15 days.
During our intervention, we adhere to every required measure to safeguard recovery rights, carrying out every necessary negotiation related to the recovery of the cargo or to ensure a salvage sale.
Advance Survey Group

We are a leading company specializing in technical inspections and surveys, formed by independent surveyors at the service of the insurance market and the industry. Our team gathers professionals with extensive experience on the international transport inspection field in air, land and sea, who analyze the nature, cause and extension of the damages, and carry out technical advice tasks focused on risk prevention.

24 hours, 365 days

For any emergency, call these numbers:

+34 664 345 295
+34 664 345 283
+34 610 136 422