Marine & Cargo Surveyors
Our wide range of control services is focused on both national and international insurance markets as well as on insurance brokers and industry. Reception and distribution tasks are globally managed in our headquarters. From there, our delegates and representatives are coordinated in the air, land and sea areas so we can offer services such as:
Merchandise inspection

  • Metal and Steel products
  • Paper reels
  • General and containerized cargo
  • Lashing and packing certificates
  • Cargo condition for liquids, solids and bulk products
  • Cargo condition for perishable, refrigerated and frozen commodities
  • Packing control before and after transportation
  • Pre-shipments
  • Cargo condition for fruits
  • Control of weight, quality and quantity
  • Loading and unloading outturn surveys
  • Loading, stowing and lashing of special and/or heavy cargoes
  • Inspection of freight terminals and warehouses
  • Inspection of pre-shipment and unloading
  • Dangerous cargoes
  • Sampling and laboratory analysis
  • Chemical and oil products
  • Supervision of transport chain suitability
  • Supervision of transport and vehicle condition
  • Supervision of cargo lashing and storage